Backup & Business Continuity

Data backup and Business Continuity Services are Digital Planet’s most cherished responsibility, daily backup and cloud colocation verification reports are evaluated everyday by The Digital Planet NOC Team.

In the event of failure, the DP NOC Team immediately executes systematic corrective actions. Ongoing data verification and restore testing are the foundations of every backup we maintain. Many Businesses’ entrust the DP Engineers to protect their data independent of their internal team,. Frontline staff can then focus entirely on serving the needs of company users.

Digital Planet’s Backup & Business Continuity services include:

  • Simple and seamless local and cloud backups
  • Automated data and applications backup which eliminates the need for costly agents and the time consumed in file selection
  • Quick and easy restoration of files
  • Around-the-clock monitoring to make sure your data is backed up as planned
  • Centralized control of data with minimal to no time needed in backing up remote servers
  • Rapid recovery rate
  • Restoration of your entire data system in 24 hours in case of disaster or downtime
  • Ability to run your Business from The Digital Planet Data Center should disaster strike your local resources.